Our success as a small company comes from our people and their ability to adapt and respond quickly to client’s needs. Our goal is to develop all team member’s ability to perform all aspects of a project. Removing the layers and staffing silos allows us to provide faster, more accurate service. To some degree, we’re interchangeable, but we each bring unique specialties and abilities to the table:




Founder, President, Creative Director

A rare Seattle native, Paul founded Prentice Design in 1987 after wearing the hats of illustrator, designer, creative director and partner in various agencies, in-house art departments and design firms. In his 30+ years in the industry, he has realized a few truths: The journey is just as important as the destination; if there isn’t enough time to do it right, there better be enough time to do it over; and good graphic design is 10% inspiration and 90% customer service. Paul lives and works in West Seattle, where he’s involved with the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations. He and his wife divide their spare time between scuba diving, motorcycle touring and endless remodeling projects.



Lead Designer, Project Manager

Taylor graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2007. Prior to joining Prentice Design in 2011, she designed for the global sign company FastSigns, as well as a regional real estate company and a furniture manufacturer. Taylor’s superb organizational skills are surpassed only by her speed and creativity. She is the go to person for email templates, PowerPoint decks and digital marketing pieces. Though born in California, she now considers herself a Seattle native. She enjoys music, travel, and pretty much any other excuse to get together with friends.